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Green Coffee SuperDiet
According to clinical studies, the GREEN COFFEE can help you :
Can lose up to 17 pounds in 22 weeks
Reduce body mass index up 2.92 points
To 10% reduction in body weight
Drastically reduce the fat by 16 %
Reduce their heartbeat by 2.5 beats per minute
Without radically change your eating habits
But also research suggests helps to :
In mild hypertension
In diabetes
In good blood circulation
In antioxidation
In beauty and skin youthfulness
Against free radicals
This time you do your effort RESULT .
The GREEN COFFEE SuperDiet 2500mg is a powerful weapon in the war against overweight .
The green coffee is nothing other than the coffee that we all know and use in its original form.
I.e. before processing and roasting .
With baking lost many excellent ingredients containing the fresh raw coffee .
Between them and the chlorogenic acid.
Genuine Green Coffee
The unit contained GCCA Green Coffee 250mg Chlorogenic Acid 50% standardized (125mg)
The benefits of green coffee slimming !
The chlorogenic acid is one of the main components of green coffee .
It is a powerful natural antioxidant that fights free radicals, slows the aging process , improves blood circulation and tones muscles.
New studies show another property of green coffee .
The green coffee may help to reduce body weight.
Studies on Green Tea
A recent study published in the journal "Diabetes, Metabolism and Obesity" and lasted 22 weeks , showed that those who took 1050mg Green Coffee lost an average of 17 pounds and saw reduced by up to 10% of their body weight.
Furthermore saw a reduction of BMI by 2.92 units and decrease to 2.5 beats / min in heart rate.
In the study , University of Scranton , Pennsylvania , presented at a conference of the American Chemical Society , involved 16 overweight or obese people who took capsules containing green coffee.
Participants received low doses of the supplement, higher doses of the supplement and placebo during a period of 22 weeks. Receiving pills green coffee 30 minutes before the meal three times a day .
During the study , participants did not change their eating habits or daily activities.
On average, study participants lost 17 pounds. This amounted to a total weight loss of 10 %.
What's even more interesting is that participants also saw a 16 % reduction in total body fat.
Lead researcher of the study also notes that there were no adverse side effects have occurred after receipt of the green coffee .
Additionally assist in your body for better and permanent result , knowing that , you need 35 calories per day per pound of ideal weight based on your height you have, if you're female and 38 calories if you're a man.
Trust green coffee SuperDiet 2500mg for obtaining the most beautiful yourself , today!
Already thousands of people conquer their dream with the help of green coffee . You too !
Green Coffee: Side Effects
Basis of studies done, the Green Coffee seems to be a safe product and have reported serious side effects.
Must bear in mind that the Green Coffee contains caffeine as the regular coffee . For this reason it can cause side effects associated with caffeine , similar to coffee.
This product contains no gluten , nuts , yeast , salt, sugar.
Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before using any weight loss product .
Green Coffee SUPERDIET 2500mg
The dietary supplement Green Coffee SUPER DIET 2500mg is the best dietary supplement that contains Green Tea .
Per capsule contains 250mg 10:1 extract that is 2500mg Green Tea & 50% standardized CHLOROGENIC ACID.
You can take from three to four capsules a day, many just took and the participants in the study with the above results :
One capsule in the morning
Two o'clock
An evening
Always half an hour before each meal.
Each bottle contains 90 capsules excellent quality , far more quantity than any other product with Green Tea .
Look after yourself
Up to 90 % of type 2 diabetics are obese people .
For women with a body mass index greater than 29 occur three times more often infarctions . Also occur more frequently in hormonal disorders and complications in pregnancy.
Increasing body mass by 20 % causing the 8th ! fold increase in the incidence of hypertension.
Obesity also leads to degenerative arthritis .
And this is just the beginning of a long list of diseases and problems that accompany obesity.
Health and Wellbeing
Become more attractive thanks to the slimmer silhouette that others will admire .
Managed more success in your work . The statistics clearly show that thin people have an easier development of professional career and to do better in the social field .
Lose 100% of excess fat and leave the minimum necessary, which corresponds to 20% of body mass and is normal for persons minutes .
Finally cared about your health
Responding to the challenge and finally realized your dreams .
More specifically , the Green Coffee
It is 100 % safe for the body and health -friendly
Shows no side effects when using the
Catalyze even against the most stubborn thick
Stimulates the rate at which the body metabolizes foods
Increases the burning of fat drastically
It works as a catalyst in the process of weight loss
Provides immediate results
It is rich in antioxidants
Ensures the preservation of youth and removing the signs of time
Controls the release of glucose in the blood
Gives impossible and healthy body
Each capsule of SuperDiet Green Coffee 2500mg contains only 27mg caffeine , and every day use 4 capsules of the product at least 1.2 cups of filter coffee .
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